Feed Me Fashionique

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I’m Dominique, originally from Czech Republic but living in one of the most exciting cities in the world, in Vienna. Feed Me Fashionique was created in April 2015. I have played with the thought of establishing a personal blog for over a year, inspired by blogs I’ve been following for a while. I realised I wanted to start „my own baby“! A few months later, I took a chance and launched Feedmefashionique.com.

A place to „feed you“ all the things I love and which inspire me.

Some random facts about me:

♥  My hometown is Liberec. A place, where I always like to return to visit my family.

♥   Studying Publicity, Media & Communication at the University of Vienna.

♥   I’ve always loved fashion and I was born loving it. Fashion is a way to express yourself without saying anything. It can also express your emotions and your creativity. I want to empower women to feel confident, strong and beautiful. I want to inspire and motivate others with the beauty that is within us, and the beauty that is all around us, every day.

♥   I have a weakness for french and english bulldogs, nice bags and shoes, ham & cheese popcorn, vintage furniture, cool hats, coffee, bookshops and old classic movies.

♥   Crazy about interior design and good wine.

♥   3 Favourite Style Icons: Erin Wasson, Blake Lively, Brigitte Bardot.

♥   I am a positive and open-minded person. I always try to look on the bright side of life and enjoy the little things. I’m just one of those people who smile when it’s raining… cause it’s worth it!

♥   Skiing is my favourite sport. I also love dancing and running – perfect way to clear my mind.

♥   I discovered my true love for cooking when I met Michael, my boyfriend. Since then, I’m enjoying the experimentation of trying out new recipes.

♥   John Legend at the piano.

♥   My favourite way to relax is reading a book. I’ll always have one in my purse.

♥   Future goals: Traveling around the world, experiencing new places and meeting new people.

♥   Favourite cities: Paris, Amsterdam and New York City.

♥   Casual elegance meets bohemian chic.

♥   My sweet treats: chocolate soufflé and pistachio ice cream.

♥   Fall is my favourite season.

♥   I love meeting new people. So feel free to comment, email me, follow me – I’d like to get to know you! 🙂

A warm „Thank you“ to each and everyone one of you following me along the way, whether you started right from the beginning, or just last week.

Loads of love  <3